born on the 6th of April 1969 in Podebrady
to an artist in glass (mother)
and a scientific researcher at the Czech Technical University (father)

studied at the Hollar Middle Vocational School in Arts
foundations of anatomy, print techniques (lithography, photogravure, magazines, posters) etc.

unsuccessful application to study Animated film at the University of Applied Arts (UMPRUM)
employed as a cleaner at the Smetana Theatre (in the ballet wardrobe)

unsuccessful application to study Animated Film at UMPRUM
September, October, November - publicity graphics in a glassworks in Podebrady (wall posters, leaflets)

January-October –graphic artist at the children’s magazine Ohnícek (first published illustrations in Ohnicek and Mlada fronta)

studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) with Prof. Sopko (1993 – one semester with Prof. Lindovský in graphic art)
In 1993-1997 I took part in several exhibitions with pictures in which the main theme was the world of objects.
(among the most important I would mention the exhibition in Mánes with the title Test Operation in 1995). Currently I am not involved in exhibition activities.

Graphic artist at the magazine Dikobraz

Art editor at the magazine Ohnicek

Art editor at the magazine To jsem ja
In 1996 there was a merger between Ohnicek and To jsem ja. I contributed illustrations, various competitions, cut-out games and so on to both magazines. From 1996 I began to write as well, mainly history, which came out under the title Zvesela do minula (Merrily into the Past)

Since 1994
regular contributions to the satirical magazine Sorry (pseudonym Vrána – authorial partnership wirh Karel Vrána)

Since 2001
regular contributions to the Internet pages of Czech Radio (

Other Illustrations magazines
Díte, Šikula, Venkov, Reflex, Playboy and others

Graphic Design of CD
Sluníèko (1994)

Los Panchos (1997)

Pancho - Divokej kraj (2001)

Pancho - Cechy krasne (2003)

Popular Music in School
(textbook), Jan Prchal (1998)

Let’s Sing and Play
(textbook), Jan Prchal (1999)

Arrangements for School Ensembles
(textbook), Jaroslav Herden (2001)

The bestiální of Sorry (1999)

Family Calendar

On Foot, Hitch-Hiking and by Boat through South America
Martin Mykiska (2001)

I was a Year in the Antarctic
Martin Mykiska (2001)

An Autumn Twenty Thousand Miles Long
Martin Mykiska (2001)

Afghanistan, Dust and Roses
Martin Mykiska (2002)

Picture Atlas of the Czech Republic
Milan Holecek, Pavel Cervinka (2002)

Prague Interiors
Radomíra Sedlakova (2001)

Bez záruky,
Jiri Menzel, Zdenek Matejcek, Pavlína Brzakova, Ivan Hoffman, Miroslav Plzak, Iva Pekarkova, Martin Stropnicky, Jaroslava Pechova (2004)

Mysterious Prague

Mysterious Castles and Chateux of the Bohemian Kingdom

Prague Castle and its Mysteries

The History of the Brave Czech Nation and a Few Insignificant World Events

The Mysterious Golem