Text, ilustrations and graphics design Lucie Seifertova
Published by Petr Prchal in collaboration with Euromedia Group k. s.
- Knizni klub 2003
This "familly" book for children and adaults is meant not only for people who didn't pay attention at school (and will find some surprising information in our history), but also for the entertainment of swats (the more erudite reader can enjoy the reverse pages with more detailed information and points of interest). If you unfold the book like a concertina, you will find, opening before you, a 9-metre-long landscape full of small scenes from prehistoric hunters to the present. Facts, information and chronological tables are includes for each period and the comix texts and cartoon characters provide a humorous, ironic view of the Czech past.
The book won the 2003 Magnesia Litera Prize for book for children and young people, the Gold Ribbon in the category of Non-Fiction and Popular Educationl Literature for Children (for 2003) and the Golden Seal for Polygraphic Design.