Text and illustrations Lucie Seifertova
Published by Petr Prchal in collaboration with Euromedia Group k.s.-
Knizni klub 2003
Plenty of people know that to bring the golem to life you need a shem, a magic charm. This book brings the golem to life without a shem, sets him on his rampages, stops him in his tracks, and uncovers his final hidden resting-place...and all because the book has moving pictures. The Mysterious Golem is meant for everyone who enjoys games. It is written in a light COMIX form, and so tells you in highly accessible and vivid style why and how the golem was created, the problems he caused and the problems he solved, how his strength increased and he ran amok and why it would be best not to look for him.
This book is available in English and German.