Text and photographs: Martin Mykiska
Illustrations: Lucie Seifertova
Published: Nakladatelstvi MTM 2001
Exciting and humourous travel books by Martin Mykiska depict the lives of ordinary people this adventurer encountered on his journeys
Author: Jan Prchal
Illustrations: Lucie Seifertova
Published: Muzikservis 1998
A textbook for primary schools and primary art schools captures the history and development of pop music, its relation to classical music, and people who left their mark in music history.
Authors: PaeDr. Jiri Holubec, PaeDr. Jan Prchal
Cover: Lucie Seifertova
Published: Muzikservis 1999
Second part to “Popular Music in School”.
Author: Jaroslav Herden
Co-author: Jan Prchal
Cover: Lucie Seifertova
Published: Univerzita Karlova Prague 2001
A textbook for music teachers.